One Day Closer to Home

Copyright © 2017 by Tresca S. Grannum



I can’t wait to go home!


Remember how the sun shined through the green lush trees all around

And the laughter of the angels filled the air with their sound.


Remember how we played with our Papa the whole day through

And our Lord guided us through His pastures, where the skies were so blue.


Remember lying in the meadows watching the birds swoosh by

And there was no more weeping or sadness, not even a sigh.


Remember how we sailed through the clouds, like butterflies, so blessed

Not a care in the world, we were Home, and at rest.


Remember watching the Elders as they worshipped around the throne

As they cried Holy to Our Lord Jesus, the Lamb, the whole day long.



Remember, please remember, for this life is quickly passing by,

And soon we will be home again in the arms of Papa, forever gazing in

His eyes.




We are one day closer

One day closer

Closer to the place we always knew

A place so heavenly, so pure, so true.


We are one day closer

One day closer

To our home, where life never ends

Where peace and joy dwell, where there is no sin.


One day closer

One day closer

Yes, it won’t be long

One day closer, to live forever in the place where we belong.


I can’t wait to go home!



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