Songs to comfort, encourage and draw the soul inwardly into the Kingdom of God where Jesus Christ lives in the heart of every born-again believer 



Copyright © 2005 by Tresca S. Grannum



Behold the lilies of the field how they dance and flourish
Consider the birds of the air they have no worries
So why do you toil and strain at life’s many cares
When our Lord lives within you and He is always there


By Him all things were created and known before the day of your birth
Nothing is hidden from Him, and He knows just how you work
Therefore be anxious for no thing, place all things at His feet
Instead of pain and sorrow, rest and peace you will reap



He lives within you to dry every tear
He lives within you to conquer every fear
He lives within you to overcome the flesh and its pain
He lives within you to keep you dry in the rain


So rest my beloved in the arms of His love
Let Him embrace you with sweetness like heaven from above
As you lose yourself in Him, for it is His our Father’s good pleasure
To fill your soul with Himself and experience His joy without measure