His Precious Gift is a beautiful person the Father has given to every human heart who will accept Him and allow Him to fill every room and crevice of their hearts. Although He is King of the Universe and Lord of Heaven and Earth, He is here in Spirit to live in us and join His heart with ours! He is the most amazing human being who has ever stepped foot on this planet. He is the most incredible lover who has ever lived. He is the most loving friend, savior, and confidant who has ever been wrapped up in human flesh. There is no one like Him in heaven or earth, nor underneath the earth. He came to be YOURS, and He came to be MINE to live His Precious Life in and through us once again in our human flesh… if we would just let Him. He wants to share His Life with us and through us in our everyday experiences… if we would just let Him. He wants to carry the weight of life upon His shoulder… if we would just let Him. He longs to share His Heart and hear our hearts every moment of the day… if we would just let Him. But greatest of all, He came to heal and restore our souls back to the way our Father created it to be in the beginning, before sin, the flesh, and the world’s system ravished it and took it prisoner… if we would just let Him. Please JUST LET HIM!

Our Father’s Precious Gift to every human being is Jesus Christ, the only Son, the only perfect, unblemished, and holy sacrifice sent to us by our Father to bring us back home to Himself, the place where we were created to live forever! The city is The Kingdom of God within us, the address is IN HIM! Before the foundation of the world, that’s where we lived, and each day of our lives we were created to live and abide IN HIM! Hallelujah!!

This site was created from our Father’s heart to reach out to you and to say through each message, story, scripture, or song… “I LOVE YOU, and I AM HERE WITHIN YOU, TO TELL YOU AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, TO SHOW YOU JUST HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU!”

May you hear His call to you and feel His heart for you as you experience the love and life of your Lord through His Precious Gift.