HEAVEN SERENADES: The Voice of the Lord

HEAVEN SERENADES: The Voice of the Lord


In this world, there are so many voices to distract us. These voices can paralyze us with doubt, fear, anger, and even pamper us with half-truths. No matter what voice we listen to, there is always ONE voice that will always guard us and keep us safe during times of weakness, distress, or uncertainty, regardless of what goes on with us or around us. That voice is the Voice of Our Lord! He is always speaking, but are we listening? Here is a psalm we pray will bless you!



Copyright © 2005 by Tresca S. Grannum



Gazing into the midnight sky you can see the finger of God.

Writing His name in the elements, writing with fingers of love.



Early in the morning right before the break of dawn,

He calls to His slumbering children come away let’s be alone.

There He speaks, He speaks, opens your ears to His tender voice.

There He calls, He calls, with a whisper, He calls to His beloved.



In quietness and confidence, I shall be your strength.

Let your soul be silent, let your heart be still.

Let me guide you through the dark clouds, no matter how sad you feel.

I speak in your midnight when all seem dark and dreary.

I speak in your thunderstorms when life feels wet and weary.

I AM He who has power over all the elements, the rain, and the storm.

And because I am in control, none can do you harm.



Be still my child, and relax in my arms.

Rest in the comforter of my love, until I speak to the storms.

I AM within you, yes living within your very breast.

No weapon formed will destroy you, life is just a test.

That you may know Me, trust and obey Me, no matter the cost.

Until your ways are consumed by Me, and you count this life as loss.




The voice of the Lord moves mountains, it conquers the strongest foe.

The voice of the Lord is yet so tender, it sweetens my deepest woe.

He calls me in the midnights, He calls me in my brightest days.

His voice is so powerful, yet it cradles my soul in such gentle ways.


Weeping endures for a night but our Lord’s joy always comes in the morning! So, no matter what our day or night may bring us, our Lord lives within us to guide us through them. We must inquire, listen, and obey Him: our Lord is AWESOME!


Enjoy Christ, Enjoy Life!

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