This world offers us so much, yet it fills the soul with so little. We spend so much time trying desperately to make our life perfect, right? We have the perfect house, the perfect family, the perfect car, the perfect job, and as we get old, we try to maintain the perfect body. But as we find out, it is all just a mirage. Like the wind that blows away the petals of a flower, so does our life eventually fades away.


King Solomon was King David’s son; he was the richest and wisest man who ever lived. According to some scholars, his net worth was $2 trillion dollars. According to the Bible, King Solomon ruled from 970 BC to 931 BC, and during this time, he is said to have received 25 tons of gold for each of the 39 years of his reign, which would be worth billions of dollars in our time. In all of this, King Solomon came to this conclusion, “All is vanity and vexation to the soul. In the end, like a vapor, it will all pass away.” He left this world with an empty soul, though his life was filled with riches.


I recalled reading about an African Bishop of the  Catholic Church named, St. Augustine. He was a theologian, philosopher, and great defender of the faith. Even though some of his teachings were considered not doctrinally sound, our brother’s writings were profound. One of his writings I read in seminary always stayed with me. St. Augustine was a wise and caring Bishop and known by thousands throughout the land. Yet, all of the spiritual wisdom he attained over the years, and the countless souls he ministered to: he still felt lost and distant in his relationship with his Lord. Listen to some of his words he wrote; I added my own words to make this psalm.



Copyright © 2005 by Tresca S. Grannum



Lord, I went wandering like a stray sheep,

Seeking you with anxious reasoning weighted within me.

I wearied myself, in looking for you without,

Yet, you had Your habitation, Your dwelling place within me.



If only I had desired You and panted after You.

I went around the streets and squares of the cities,

Of this world and in this world, I found you not.

Because in vain I sought for You without and You were within.




Here You are abiding so sweetly within me.

Here You are my life, My truth, the wisdom I seek.

Here You are living in Your glorious majestic kingdom, I see.

And, Here You are living Your holy life in and through me.



No worldly wisdom, carnal pleasures, money, or fame can satisfy my soul.

I know, I tried to make them my goals.

All they left me with sorrows and fears,

All I found were heartaches and tears.



I am glad before I died and leave this earth,

I have discovered the truth about my birth.

It was for knowing You, You, my Lord, and Your Life within me.


From one brother and sister to another, all that we are searching for is hidden within us. Our Father has buried a treasure for all who would seek Him diligently with all of their hearts and souls…they will find HIM and the Glorious Kingdom of Heaven within where our Father, Lord Jesus, and Holy Spirit resides!

Enjoy Christ, Enjoy Life!


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