If you recall from Part 1, we have been summoned, cleansed, and are being prepared for our Father’s purposes in the Kingdom of God. One of our most amazing summonses is to be invited to The Marriage Supper of the Lamb. I am not sure if it is a literal or symbolic affair but which ever one it is, what a great honor and privilege to be called and chosen for this illustrious banquet. So, today let’s examine the bride as she prepares herself for this occasion.


In the movie, One Night with The King, the virgins who had been cleansed had the opportunity to adorn themselves with gold, silver, and costly jewelry they chose from the king’s treasury to appear before their king.



However, when Esther was given the same opportunity to choose from the king’s treasury to adorn herself with external jewels, she declined. Instead, she chose to wear a simple dress and necklace given to her by her deceased father, which represented her most precious gift in the world… her whole heart.



When Esther saw the king for the first time, the king was taken back by her coming before him in such simplicity. He said, “You have the audacity to approach the king looking like a commoner and not wearing your finest apparel when you came into my presence! How dare you!” But when Esther told him she was in his presence not to promote outward adornment but to give him something more valuable than gold and silver… she came to give him her whole heart and soul. She explained, she wanted to know his heart more than his gold, silver, and even his kingdom.  With those words being said, the king was smitten. She was chosen to be his bride and queen to rule with him in his kingdom.


  “The Bride, our Father has chosen for His Son is one who isn’t concerned about what she can get from her Lord, her priority is on what she can give to Him…her whole body, heart and soul.”




They are virgins who follow the Lamb wherever He goes. These have been purchased and redeemed from among men as the first fruits [sanctified and set apart for special service] for God and the Lamb. Revelation 14:4 AMP


 I have been taught that the Bride of Christ is the Church. Some scholars say she is the Messianic Jews who have given their hearts to the Jesus Christ the Messiah. Whatever you choose to believe is not up for debate. One thing I do know, like Queen Esther, they are believers who love and desire their Lord Jesus for more than what He can give them or do for themthey long to know His heart and to please only Him! They aren’t baby Christians still sucking on the milk of the Word, indulging in sin, walking after the flesh, or allured by the gifts of the Holy Spirit. They are mature believers who have walked through loss, hardships, and sufferings with their Lord. They have discovered Him to be more than their Savior, or Lord, but their WHOLE LIFE.


Here are a few characteristics that will depict the Bride of Christ as His grace and power works within them:


  1. Her mind is set on the things that matters to her Lord.
  2. She has laid aside and lays aside every sin and weight that entangles her.
  3. She is putting off the deeds of the flesh.
  4. She is strong in the Lord and in the power of His might choosing not to fulfill the lusts of her flesh, instead she turns her focus inwardly and trusts in Him.
  5. She refuses to get entangled in the affairs of this world which will keep her distracted from the rest and peace she enjoys with her Lord.
  6. She avoids petty controversies over words, godless chatter, babble, and gossiping but uses her words to bring peace and hope to the hearers to win them to her Lord.
  7. She is diligent in handling the Word of God faithfully.
  8. She stands for Truth and depart from wickedness and wrongdoing.
  9. She loves and forgives all who offends or bring hurt to her.
  10. She pursues what is righteous and run away from all forms of lust: power, prestige, money, or sexual.
  11. She is mature in Christ, so she bears the fruit of the His Spirit: love, joy, patience, peace, faithfulness, kindness, gentleness, self-control, and generosity.
  12. She desires only ONE WILL that her Lord’s will be done in every situation in her life, that’s why she trusts Him completely.


Therefore, she is a vessel of honor for her Lord. She lives her life fully and completely dependent on Him. As He lives His life fully and completely in and through her.


(Taken from Colossians 3:2, 2 Timothy 2)



Like Esther, who prepared herself for her king, we must continue to allow Christ to work in and through us do of His good pleasure. As we yield to and obey His promptings, we will be the Bride He so desires without spot, wrinkle, or any such thing. The question remains, “Will we allow Him to remove all the darkness that hinders us from being who He created us to be?”  I will Lord, You have both my heart and soul!


Enjoy Christ, Enjoy Life!

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