As many of you know, I have two brain aneurysms along with brain atrophy, which means some of the cells around the aneurysms are dead. I call my brain atrophy, ‘bobblehead.’ I ‘m taking meds for my condition, however, when the barometric changes in the earth and it’s cloudy or overcast, my head starts bobbling and I feel the depression of it. So for the past five days, I have been bobbling all over the place. One of the sunny days, I went to the gym and sat out by the pool and bathed in the sunshine… thank you so much, Lord, for the break. When my head is bobbling the only relief is to sleep for two hours and my brain resets as if I just woke up first thing in the morning. So while writing this blog right now, I have ‘bobblehead’ so I hope my blog makes sense. The beautiful thing is during these days with ‘bobblehead,’ I know exactly what to do. I am not in any pain, just deep depression. I feel as if I am wearing a bowling ball on my head filled with water. My Papa taught me seven years ago to turn inwardly to Him where He, my Lord Jesus, and Holy Spirit are always longing to hold me. And, I always do. Many have prayed for my healing and I truly appreciate it. He said to me, I will experience His grace and presence to always meet my every need… and oh yes He has! So in this blog, I just want to share words of encouragement, so get out your magnifying glass and let us behold our Lord.


 One little word can change your circumstances no matter how overwhelming they may appear; that word is ‘magnify.’ Magnify means to cause something to appear greater, more important, or more extreme than in fact it is.


 In a previous blog, we talked about distractions which can cause us to get our eyes off our Lord who lives within us. We also can look at something and it appears greater and more powerful than our Lord. Have you ever had that happen? I told you about how I use to have a fear of lizards. Lizards are tiny creatures I could just shew away right? Years ago, we were in the process of moving to Florida and my husband moved ahead of me and had an apartment over his friend’s garage. When I went to visit him, a little lizard was sitting on the outside stairs to the apartment. I tried to shew him away but he stared at me. Then all of his buddies came and blocked the path to the stairs like a little army ready to attack. Somehow, in my mind, those tiny creatures turned into ferocious alligators ready to eat me so I screamed to my husband for help who came and shewed them off the stairs. So from that day until 2017, when the Lord freed me, I was afraid of lizards and geckos (see my story of freedom in the archives called Jesus Our Rescuer from Fear, use the search feature on the website). For years, I magnified my fear of lizards by talking about, running and hiding from them. I told my Lord about my fear but I never entrusted Him with it. It is so easy to do, isn’t it? In 2017, I finally gave my fear to my Lord and now I am totally FREE, a matter of fact, I have a little one who lives in my plants on the lanai! A bad report from the doctor, something happens to a loved one, challenges on our job, a disagreement with our loved one, sickness, money, and the list goes on and on can cause us to magnify the problem rather than Jesus Christ within us, THE SOLUTION. When we change our focus from the problem or circumstance to our Lord, Amazing things happen! Let’s say it another way: When we change the way we see a thing/person, the thing/person changes.


There are a zillion reasons to magnify the Lord with me but can I give you just one:




Our Lord wants to remind us…We are going through life together! We are One with our Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit!

It is no longer me praying to ask Him to help me, it is We walking through IT as One.


What is your IT you are facing right now? No matter what IT is, just turn to your Lord within you and say, “Lord, I thank You, WE are in this together, now how do You want US to handle the situation?”


When we magnify the Lord during the challenges of our life, no matter what IT is, talk to Him to hear His heart on the matter, because we are ONE and walking through IT, no matter what IT is together. No longer is He over there and we over here as we often pray to Him. BUT NOW WE ARE ONE!


So, as another day of ‘bobblehead’ approaches, I turn to my Lord and say, “Thank you Lord for Your Amazing Love and Grace living within US. You are my Life, My Strength, and by Your Grace, You WILL fulfill all the purposes and plans You have prepared for US  this day. Amen”







  1. Beautiful, my sister. Christ within is deeper than our physical ailments … praise HIS name! Praying for you, my dear friend. By the way, our wedding verse is “O MAGNIFY the Lord with me. Let us exalt His name together!”

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