From the title of this blog, it sounds like it is going to be quite mushy… it is! I am a very sentimental kind of girl who likes flowers, moonlight, holding hands, dancing, and a simple stroll along the beach. I like sand and water between my little toes (okay big toes), the smell of rose petals falling to the ground, and the sounds of birds chirping in the early morning light; so what about you? I love the smell of cologne and perfume whistling by in the wind, a gentle hug, and a passionate caress, and greatest of all, a tender and gentle kiss, what about you? A kiss to me is a sign of affection; whether from a relative or friend on my cheeks or forehead, but especially from one who loves me and adores me passionately. Now that’s a real kiss! A peck will not do, not from your beloved, sweetheart, and eternal lover. Why am I so romantic? My Jesus made me this way and He is especially fond of us when a kiss is towards Him. You see, it was His idea in the first place to create us to experience and share such awestruck love with each other. It was His purpose and design for us to care for and then express love through sweet gestures. When I reflected on intimacy with Christ, I thought about the beautiful relationship the early believers had with their Lord Jesus Christ in the early church. It was not until 50 years after Jesus died did they have the opportunity to read the New Testament letters from Paul to believers. And, it was not until 70 years after Jesus’s death were they able to have written accounts of His life and death on earth. So how did they enjoy an intimate and unfailing love relationship with their Lord and was willing to die, be burned at the stake, and be crucified for His sake? They had a deep and intimate relationship with the Living Word and Living Lord who lived within them.  I believed that they had an intimate knowledge of:


  • The Life of Christ who was theirs forever.
  • The Living Lord who whispered in their hearts over and over of who He was and who they were In Him.
  • The Father and the Holy Spirit who empowered them to live through the challenges they faced every day.
  • The Beloved Lover of their souls who loved them and expressed His heart and desires to them.


It was through simple childlike trust and faith they were able to endure the hardships of life and the persecutions of the enemy day in and day out. You see, we place too much emphasis on knowledge OF God rather than Intimate Fellowship and Trust In Him. Many of us know way too much and live very little of what we know. Let me give you a sweet example:


My nephew, Christian, is eight years old. He participated in a spelling bee at school. The day of the spelling bee, my sister, Tracy, said, Christian was very nervous. Whenever Christian gets nervous, he smiles. So during the spelling bee, Tracy watched Christian bow his head, closed his eyes and said a prayer. He asked, Jesus, “Let me do my best during the spelling bee, Amen.” Guess what? He did. Christian got second place. After Christian won, he went over to the little girl who won first place and congratulated her for doing such a wonderful job. Christian was so excited because he said, “Jesus, did it! Jesus did a great job, mommy!”


Christian, has not studied the Bible intently. Christian, has not read all the books on how to pray or how to stand on the Word of God. Christian doesn’t have a degree in theology and knows how to interpret scriptures appropriately or even understand all the lingo and jargon we Christians use to sound spiritual. What pleased our Lord that day, and every day, was his and our childlike trust and faith that He is who He is and will do what He says He will do. The KISS THAT BRINGS GLORY TO OUR LORD… is childlike trust and faith, THAT’S IT! No super spiritual activity will ever satisfy the heart of our Lord.





Psalms 119:130 – The unfolding of Your [glorious] words give light; Their unfolding gives the understanding to the simple (childlike). Amplified version


One of my favorite verses in the Bible is Matthew 18:3 – which states, even though the Kingdom of God Dwells Within Us, we can’t enjoy or experience it, unless we become as a little child with simple trust and faith.


Prayer: Thank you, Papa and My Lord Jesus, I get to enjoy You every moment of my day in simple trust… that’s it. Everything is already done. Jesus has finished the work, all I must do is TRUST AND RECEIVE ALL YOU HAVE PROVIDED IN CHRIST AND WALK CLOSELY WITH HIM AND IN HIM EACH DAY! Amen.

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