In 1946, a British soldier was found by a villager hiding in a foxhole in the hills of London from the German soldiers. His face was dirty and covered in horse manure where he laid hidden for weeks behind the old farmhouse. When the villager asked, “Sir, why are you hiding?” The soldier looked at the villager in amazement and asked him, “Why aren’t you hiding from the Germans?” The villager still puzzled, scratched his head, and asked, “Should I be hiding too?” The soldier replied. “Of course you should be hiding, aren’t you afraid?” The villager replied, “Yes, sometimes I get afraid, but should I hide?” The soldier said, “Unless you are strong enough to defeat your enemy, you should hide or surrender,” the soldier said with fervor. The villager thought to himself. “I guess if he is a soldier and I am just a common untrained man, then maybe I should hide too.” So the villager said to the soldier, “Slide over, I will hide in the manure with you.” Hours passed when a little girl stopped by and saw the two men hiding in the mud and manure behind the farmhouse and asked, “Sirs, why are you hiding in the mud and manure?” And to the soldier, she asked, “Sir why are you still dressed in your battle array?” The soldier replied, with strong command, “I am a soldier in the Royal Brigade of the Queen’s army defending my country from the German soldiers.” The little girl was confused and asked, “Sir, if that is true, then why are you hiding behind this old farmhouse in the mud and covered in horse manure?” The soldier replied, “When I am afraid and realize I can’t defeat my enemy, I hide; what do you do?” The little girl looked at both men and said, “I hold my head up high and thank my God that I no longer have to be afraid because the Germans were defeated months ago and now every man and nation is free from the Germans’ oppression and destruction!” The men looked at each other laughing and said, “What do you know, you are just an ignorant little girl; if I were you, I would get in this hole with us and hide.”



What do you suppose the little girl did? Let me tell you what she did; in spite of the age and experiences of the older men, in spite of their words to her of being ignorant and little, she HELD FAST TO THE TRUTH SHE KNEW AND BELIEVED. She held fast to the fact. THE ENEMY HAD BEEN DEFEATED AND COULD NO LONGER RULE AND REIGN OVER HER LIFE WITH FEAR AND INTIMIDATION… she simply smiled and walked away.



All the battles in this world and in our lives have been won by our Lord Jesus Christ! If we are fighting, instead of standing in the victory He has already won, and resting in His finished work, then we really don’t believe Him.


Jesus’s final words to us from the cross were… IT IS FINISHED!

Therefore, put on the complete armor of God, so that you will be able to [successfully] resist and stand your ground in the evil day [of danger], and having done everything [that the crisis demands], to stand firm [in your place, fully prepared, immovable, victorious].  Ephesians 6:13 (Amplified)


We can all rest in His Arms, knowing all we see with our eyes and experience in our lives have a beginning and an ending, and whatever He has promised, HE WILL DO.  


Enjoy Christ and Enjoy Life!!!

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