LET THE SON SHINE IN – “We Are In Christ”

LET THE SON SHINE IN – “We Are In Christ”


There are two amazing words that permeate throughout the New Testament that remind us who we are and where we are. For those of us who have received Jesus Christ as our Lord and Life, we live now, and forever… IN CHRIST! Take a deep breath and just meditate on those two words… IN CHRIST! For this very reason, there is no need to fret or fear, HE HAS US!


Because We Are IN CHRIST:


  • There is never any condemnation or guilt placed on us because of our sins and failures; Jesus Christ paid for them all. Romans 8:1


  • We have been made free from the law and all of its rules to make us pleasing or good enough for God. Romans 8:2


  • Nothing in this life or the life to come can separate us from Christ or stop our Lord from loving us… nothing! Romans 8:39


  • There are many of us from every tongue, nation, denomination, and color, and we are all part of JUST ONE BODY. Romans 12:5


  • Male or female, rich or poor, and any other differences about us will never detract from our TRUE IDENTITYIN CHRIST. Galatians 3:28


  • We have everything we could ever need or want hidden In Him. Ephesians 1:3


Please read the Book of Ephesians and circle the phrase “In Christ” to uncover all the riches our Father has hidden for us IN CHRIST.





2 thoughts on “LET THE SON SHINE IN – “We Are In Christ”

  1. GLORY! I’ve been memorizing Romans 8…what treasure is our present location right here and now IN CHRIST and in the future, glory forever. Thank you for this reminder of what our reality truly is.

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