I met Self-pity one day while lounging on the porch of my soul. You see, I was in pain, depressed, and feeling overwhelmed by the challenges of life. Self-pity insisted on coming to sit with me, she said, “I see the struggles you are facing, can we chat?” So she poured coffee in my cup and began to listen to my woes. She nodded her head affirming me that she understood each word I said. Then, she grabbed my hand and rubbed it with such gentleness, she said, “Just rest your head on my shoulder if you want to cry, I am here.” So I rested my head on her shoulder and was feeling a little relief until Hopelessness and Despair came and grabbed my feet. They said, “Just lay down and rest, we are her friends to comfort and console you.” Somehow, it was not comfort, I felt, but fear and anxiety-I wanted to get up, but I was stuck! Then, I heard a call from the windows of my heart, the voice of tenderness, gentleness, saying, “Come, my beloved, I am here, come inside, abide, in me, there’s no fear.” “Come, rest in my arms. Come, cuddle in my Grace. Peace has a comforter snuggly and warm, designed just for you!” So, I jumped up from my chair and pushed the coffee away and said to Self-pity, “I will not join you! No not today!” So Self-Pity, Hopelessness, and Despair left, I know they may return, but His fathomless Love and Peace of my Lord is what I yearn.

In 2017, May you find peace, in the only one who comforts and soothes your hurting soul. May you continue to surrender to Him all your hurts and woes! His arms are safe and in them, you can trust, no love greater, He loves you so much!


Copyright © 2006 Tresca Grannum

You are my Beloved, you are so loved
You are so loved, yes you are so loved
You are my heartbeat the apple of my eye
You are why I died, my joy, no greater sacrifice

You are my chosen one and don’t you ever forget
No other one I wanted or longed for
You were worth the wait
And now I delight in your love each and every day
Just abide in your home in me, in my love please stay

Our Response

No name is more affectionate
No name is more divine
No love is stronger than from the heart of thine
You are my Beloved, my soul’s pleasure, my earthly treasure
My Beloved has returned to my heart once again

Yes, Lord, No name is more affectionate
No name, my Lord is more divine
No love is stronger than from the heart of thine
I am your beloved, your soul’s pleasure, your earthly treasure
Your beloved has returned to your heart once again

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