For to us a Child shall be born, to us a Son shall be given; and the government shall be upon His shoulders, and His name shall be called  Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:6




We learned from our last blog that Jesus Christ was born a child and matured into a Son with power and authority to rule in the earth. He ruled over the powers of darkness, sin, sickness, and death. Remember how He forgave the woman caught in adultery and told her “Your sins have been forgiven, now go and sin no more.” Do you recall how He healed many diseases, those who were blind and had long term illnesses? What about Lazarus and the little girl He raised from the dead? He indeed was the Son of God and “God Himself” clothed in a human body (earth-suit).


In the scripture we shared in our last blog, it depicts Jesus with other titles. It said, “The government shall be upon His shoulders.” What does that mean? It means Jesus will rule in the earth as a king; even though His kingdom is not of this world, we witnessed His power and authority as the God/Man. He spoke to the winds and waves of the sea and they obeyed Him. He spoke to the powers of darkness and they fled from Him. Over and over again, He exercised His authority in the earth which had been given to Adam before he gave his authority to the evil one when he disobeyed his Father. Today, I want to look at the title of Jesus Christ being our Wonderful Counselor.


Jesus and I have counseled thousands of souls in my lifetime. I also have been counseled by the Wonderful Counselor these 40 years of our journey together. Let’s take a look at this title taken from Isaiah Chapter 9, verse 6. Our Daily Bread website shared some great information.


Wonderful – The Hebrew word pala indicates “a phenomenon lying outside the realm of human explanation; that which is separated from the normal course of events.” The same word is used in Psalm 139:6 in just this way: “Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is high, I cannot attain it.” It describes something miraculous!

Counselor –
In its historical usage, the word pictured a king giving counsel to his people. Micah declared the dilemma of the Jewish captives in Babylon this way, “Now why do you cry aloud? Is there no king in your midst? Has your counselor perished?” (4:9). Long before the Child was born and the Son was given, Isaiah foretold that God was planning to send a Counselor for the brokenhearted people of the world.”

The many ways our Lord Jesus chooses to communicate, instruct, and teach us is simply amazing! What truly amazes me is how GOD was able to fit into a body of flesh and still be GOD!


For we do not have a High Priest who is unable to sympathize and understand our weaknesses and temptations, but One who has been tempted [knowing exactly how it feels to be human] in every respect as we are, yet without [committing any] sin.  Hebrews 4:15 (Amplified)


Jesus Christ, who lives within us, is here to love us, comfort us, hold us, advise us, grace us with His power to endure hardships and difficulties. He is within us to resolve our problems, give us His solutions, be our wisdom, and guide us into ALL truth… HE IS THE TRUTH. Listen to His heart today and every day!


                       Enjoy Jesus Christ, Your Wonderful Counselor!


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