As I was riding down the highway of life with my Beloved Jesus one day, a stranger was hitchhiking and wanted us to stop. As we slowed down and pulled over to see what he wanted, the stranger asked, “Can I get a ride to the nearest gas station, my car ran out of gas; the gas station is only about five miles?” Since Jesus was driving, I asked him, “What do you think my Lord, should we give him a ride?” As I looked at Jesus’ face, I could tell He really didn’t want the young man to ride with us, but I ignored his wishes and invited him to ride with us anyway. I said, “Yes sir, get in the back seat.” As we traveled down the road not even 500 yards, the man began to speak. “You know, if you keep driving down this road you are going to get a flat tire or your engine is going to catch fire. You both should know the next restrooms are 20 miles away.” The man continued, “I had a puppy who didn’t like dog food so I fed him table food; one day, he died.” The man rambled on, “I don’t think people like me; so I usually keep to myself. I have headaches each morning when I wake up, so I sleep most of the day to keep the headaches away.” The man clamored and complained about life for three miles. On the fourth mile, the man said, “The interior of this car is getting real old, you may want to get a new car. I don’t like the color of the blouse you are wearing young lady, have you thought about getting another one?” I felt overwhelmed by the negativity coming from the man’s mouth. I yelled to Jesus, “Pull over and let this man out!” But Jesus replied, “No my love, we have one more mile to go.” Suddenly, another man waved at us as we were going down the highway. I ignored him but Jesus pulled over and stopped. This man was different. When he approached the car, he was smiling with a kind look on his face, he asked? “Sir, my car broke down and I just need a lift to the nearest gas station located a mile away, do you mind giving me a ride?” I looked at Jesus, he had a smile on His face this time. Jesus answered, “Of course, get in the front seat with us.” So I slid over near my Lord as the man got in and he stared out the window. “Today is a beautiful day for my car to break down because a storm came through our town last night, I could’ve been caught in that bad weather. Our town is grateful no one was hurt.” The sweet man continued, “I heard of an accident on the highway a few miles back, thank the Lord it was just a minor incident.” “I can’t wait to get my car up and running again, my daughter is in a play tonight and I can’t wait to see her performance” the man explained. As the car approached the gas station, both men got out. The first man said, “I thought you would have driven faster, but you didn’t, so… I guess the next time I will get a ride with someone who can drive as fast as I prefer.” The second man said, “Thank you both for giving me a ride, here is money for gas, I truly appreciate it.” Jesus responded, “Sir, what a joy, and pleasure it was to spend time with you. You are welcome in my presence anytime.” To the other man, Jesus said not one word. Then Jesus looked at me and said, “My Love, even though I am the driver of your car, I want you to decide which passenger will ride in our car each day… it will always be your decision.”



This story is about two passengers wanting to ride in the car of our souls each day. One, as you heard was ‘discouragement.’ You know his voice because he is always looking at life through negative lenses… the eyes of the flesh. He is the murmurer, the complainer, the one who stirs up trouble, and anxiety within us. He is never quiet. He steals our peace and confidence in the Lord that things will get better, and circumstances are serving our Father’s purposes. There is always a commotion going on whenever you are in his presence. ‘Discouragement’ can never hear the voice of truth or reason. If you listen to him too long, he will drive you right off the road into a ditch with his friends: self-pity, despair, and depression.



Secondly, the other man who asked for a ride was ‘hope.’ ‘Hope’ was like a beautiful fragrance permeating through the car, even though at first the car’s atmosphere felt like a sewer. ‘Discouragement’ left a foul odor in the car with all of his clamoring, but, when ‘hope’ got into the car, the whole atmosphere changed. ‘Hope’ is powerful! ‘Hope’ is the character of our Lord which lifts us up no matter how bad things are going wrong; he gives the soul wings to rise above the circumstances. ‘Hope’ breathes life into our dead and barren places then exchanges our weakness for our Lord’s strength and courage to move onward. A beautiful scripture came to mind when I thought of this story, Psalm 42:11.



The scripture was about David sitting in the car with ‘discouragement.’ David listened to the negative stories he was telling him. But, David sat with him a little too long because he was, what we call “down in the dumps.” But after sitting there for a while, the ‘Voice of Hope’ spoke to his spirit, then David spoke to his soul (thoughts and emotions) “Soul, why have you been listening to discouragement and look, you are all depressed, cast down, head hanging low like God has forgotten you? Hope, look confidently, expectantly, and wait for the Lord. Then the Spirit spoke to David’s soul (will) YES WE WILL PRAISE HIM and LOOK TO HIM because He is the one who is our HOPE, SALVATION, and DELIVERER IN ALL THINGS.” (Tresca paraphrase.)



Prayer: Thank you, Jesus, for teaching me how to discern your voice from the enemy’s voice. I find myself listening to his voice without even realizing it. I am so grateful when I turn to you, discouragement leaves, but when I don’t, I am left with not only discouragement but self-pity, despair, and depression. Today I choose HOPE, I choose to listen to the voice of HOPE IN YOU and deny the voice of discouragement. AMEN


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