For He has rescued us and has drawn us to Himself from the dominion of darkness, and has transferred us to the Kingdom of His beloved Son, 14 in whom we have redemption [because of His sacrifice, resulting in] the forgiveness of our sins [and the cancellation of sins’ penalty]. Colossians 1:13-14, Amplified Bible.


From our last blogs, we discovered what we possess in our new home IN HIM (the heart of Jesus Christ): 

  • Every one of our needs is supplied by Christ.
  • He cares for our emotional and spiritual needs.
  • We are safe and secure in His loving and protective arms.
  • We are valued and adored unconditionally as if we were the only ones on earth.
  • We have Perfect Peace and Unity.


One of the greatest desires and needs of mankind is to feel and know that they are Loved Unconditionally (no strings attached). Being tainted by sin and the flesh, no human being has the full capacity to love us unconditionally. They may try to, or even desire to, but many of us will come up short. Our Father created us with a deep need to be loved unconditionally because He wants to be the ONE to fulfill that need in all of us.


I wrote a blog several years ago called “Be Loved.” During this holiday and tumultuous season, there are many who are alone and may need to be reminded of how much they are loved by our Father and The Lord Jesus Christ.




One of the deepest longings of mankind is to “Be Loved.” We will do almost anything to be loved. Our whole being craves and thirsts for love, and not for any kind of love, but for pure “unconditional” love. Have you ever wondered why this is so? We will fight each other, manipulate each other, control each other, and even destroy each other when we don’t feel loved. For love, we will try desperately to please each other, sometimes at any cost. We will perform for each other and allow ourselves to be used and humiliated by each other, all for the sake of love; for just one crumb or drop of human love. Have you experienced being in a very destructive, unhealthy relationship? Some relationships can wreak havoc on you emotionally and cause confusion, fear, timidity, hostility, or coercion. There are also other unhealthy relationships where you feel distant, ignored, unvalued, and unfulfilled but you find yourself adapting to it, feeling, “It is better than nothing.” Why, because of one crumb of love. I have talked with and met many individuals who were battered and abused emotionally and physically; they always said to me, “But I love them.” I have talked to teenage girls who intentionally got pregnant; why, because “I wanted someone to love me and need me.” This is no mystery; we all need and want to be loved. I too have felt that same sense of despair and desperation and would do almost anything to fill my cup of tainted and unsatisfying human love, only to have to scrape the bottom of the barrel over and over again and come up short. How could we be so needy and sometimes stoop so low to be loved? And why do we continue to pursue human love with a vengeance only to find ourselves empty and unfulfilled? Why, because our Father made us this way. Our Heavenly Father created us for Himself and to give us as gifts to His Beloved Son. We were never created to live and depend on human love to fulfill us but only from our Father’s love. We were created to be containers of our Father’s pure, heavenly, untainted, infinite, and unconditional love. We were created to experience a love that transcends us, that overflows from us, a love that consumes us, and this love is only found in God. He knew that one day we would come to the end of ourselves and long for something different, and thirst for something to satisfy us when we have done and tried everything to appease ourselves. He knew that we would one day go searching and seeking for His love and once we apprehended it, we would never leave home again, attempting to be satisfied otherwise.


One of my favorite passages in the Bible is John Chapter 4. It tells the story of the Samaritan woman at the well. This woman had been married five times and was living with another man who wasn’t her husband.



Her story truly depicts the story of every human soul in search of love. We go from thing to thing, person to person, and quickly tire, throwing each other away when our needs are no longer being met. One day the Samaritan woman met Jesus, who told her about love, that when you drink it, you’ll never thirst or long for human love again. In Christ, we can drink and be satisfied. In Christ, He fills the longings of our souls. In Christ, we experience a love so rich, so pure, that one drop satisfies us forever!


If you are hungry, or if you are thirsty for love…come inside where your Beloved resides, sit and drink of His love.


Jesus Christ is the greatest and most intimate Lover of our souls! He knows us and understands everything about us; He calls us HIS BELOVED!  And guess what? We are IN HIM and He is IN US!

Enjoy Christ, Enjoy Life!

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