GRACE WHISPERS – Evil Destroys But Grace Restores

GRACE WHISPERS – Evil Destroys But Grace Restores


Evil Destroys But Grace Restores



Grace Whispers Chapter 3: The Lord in His grace and mercy always finds a way to keep His little ones hidden from the evil one because He uses ALL THINGS to work together for their good. He loves them, and they are the called according to His purposes.


In Chapter 3 of my new book, “My Return Home to Innocence,” I opened the chapter by stating “Whenever something bad happens to you… it is your fault.” This was a lie I believed most of my life. My book shares how as a four-year-old child, I was sexually abused and believed because of how my mother responded to my outcry… it must have been my fault. Because I was reprimanded for being at the house of the abusers instead of playing in the yard, I was the one to blame. So, growing up whenever I was abused, wounded by others, or taken advantage of it was because of the evil in me. What a sad way to grow up, right? For many years, I also blamed my Heavenly Father and my Lord Jesus for the evil that encompassed my life because they didn’t do anything to stop it. I was one angry and bitter child who grew up, a little child in a grown-up body. How many of you have been angry with the Lord for some misfortunes, or not ending the evil prevailing in your life, your child’s life, or in the life of your loved ones? How many of us have said, “God could have stopped that evil from happening! What kind of God is He?” Me too! I believed that since God was sovereign over ALL things, He has the power to make only good things happen to good people and bad things happen to bad people. Then, in my great wisdom, I had to determine who ‘were the good people’ and who were the ‘bad people.’ Also, in my brilliance, I determined that some people were created by the evil one, and some were created by God. Boy, was I wrong! The first question I asked myself is where did evil come from? If the Bible says, “As for God, His way is PERFECT. He is a God FULL of compassion, tender mercies, loving, gracious, holy, righteous, and kind to us. Then, He is Light and there is NO darkness in Him EVER.” Then where did evil come from? I found some answers that may help, but His ways are still beyond my little minute mind. I pray this blog gives a little light on the subject.


Evil began with “One Will.” There are many scholars who debate on the origination of Lucifer so I will not make this a theological debate. Lucifer was an archangel in charge of all the angels in heaven. As the story goes there were no angels greater than he. He was the most beautiful and melodic angel above them all. But, Lucifer didn’t want to be second in command in heaven beneath God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, he wanted to be “God.” Being a created being and servant of the Most High God was not enough for Him. One day He said, “I WILL rule over heaven.” Then, God decided it was time for him to go. God cast him out of heaven along with the angels that followed him to the earth. Evil began in heaven with the WILL of an angel.


Next, we see Evil comes to earth and speaks to the innocence of children, Adam and Eve. They were created by their Father to live and fellowship with Him in a beautiful garden called Eden. Again, the tempter came enticing them to eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil to make them “Wise as God.” Their Father forbade them to eat from the tree because He knew the consequences of their actions. The tempter said, “When you eat, YOU WILL be as God, knowing both good and evil.” Guess what? You guessed it, they ate from the forbidden tree. Evil lives in the earth through Adam and Eve. Father protected them from living forever in the state of evil and removed his precious children from the Garden of Eden.


So, you can see the history of evil; he (Lucifer the spirit of evil) was kicked out of the corridors of heaven then entered into the hearts of humanity through the WILL of one man, Adam. You can trace evil (sin) as he rules in the hearts and minds of humanity, beginning with Adam, then his son Cain, all the way through time. Then, we see the arrival of our Lord Jesus who comes to earth in TIME as Light and Love to restore His creation back the way He intended. A NEW WILL COMES TO EARTH!


Hebrews 10:7 (Amplified) Jesus stated:

“Then I said, Behold, I have come to DO YOUR WILL, O God – (To fulfill) what is written of Me in the scroll of the book.”


The Evil One, the ‘father of sin,’ is the perpetrator of all that bad happens in the lives of others, not Jesus or our loving Father! It was not my fault that bad things happened to me by the evil desires of other human beings. They could have WILLED not too, but they didn’t. The Evil one is the culprit; please don’t blame our Father or Lord. The Evil One is the accuser, to blame, point the finger, and deceive us into thinking the one who loves us the most would bring evil upon our lives. Sickness, disease, drug abuse, all kind of addictions, depression, abuse, pain, sorrow, loneliness, and the list goes on all began with him. But the story doesn’t end there. The story ends with our Lord Jesus and a NEW beginning, and a NEW WILL for ALL of humanity:


Colossians 2:15 (Amplified)

When He had disarmed the rulers and authorities [those supernatural forces of evil operating against us], He made a public example of them [exhibiting them as captives in His triumphal procession], having triumphed over them through the cross.


I Corinthians 15:55-57 (Amplified)

O death, where is your victoryO death, where is your sting? 56 The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin [by which it brings death] is the law; 57 but thanks be to God, who gives us the victory [as conquerors] through our Lord Jesus Christ.


No, it was not my fault that bad things happened to me. However, I used my WILL to serve sin and evil as well in the lives of others. With that said, I am grateful, so thankful for the grace and mercy of God who forgave me and brought my soul back into His marvelous grace and life.



Before time began, Jesus saw how evil would destroy His humanity and He chose to enter into His world to heal and restore us. Truly, Romans 8:28 tells His story in the hearts of all of His children. He created ALL of humanity for love and fellowship with Him. Jesus died for ALL of humanity, so my wisdom of who was good and who was evil was all a lie! The truth is, He calls all His children to return home to His love and grace to enjoy HIM FOREVER; our Papa is not mad at us, He is overwhelmingly in love with us!


Romans 8:28 (Mirror Bible)

Meanwhile, we know that the love of God causes everything to mutually contribute to our advantage. His Master Plan is announced in our original identity. (As He set forth in His heart before time began, sin never changed His mind, nor His plan).



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