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Who is this I see walking down the aisle

Adorned in white with shimmering light so glowing

Draped in pearls, diamonds, pure white so Holy

A crown of gold on her head, her train is flowing

Walking beside her a man, clothed in glory, with a breastplate on,

 Saying, “The Word of God”

“Who is she?” I asked, a woman so worthy?

Then a voice whispered, she is the Lamb’s wife let me tell you her story.


Out of darkness and pain, covered in mire and sin

She was broken, used, and abused.

Her light was gone, she barely knew her name.

Her identity lost in earthly lust and sinful shame.

She knew not life, nor a savior, nor a city prepared for her to live.

She just embraced death and a morsel of love any human would give.

But one day, she met Jesus, out from the crowd He called her name.

When she heard His voice, she left her old life behind, she was totally changed.





Behold the Lamb’s wife, clothed in His righteousness

Following her Beloved wherever He goes

Nothing too important, there is nothing she won’t do.

To please the lover of her soul

Behold the Lamb’s wife broken, pure, and true

She is living in His love, so gloriously adorned in His Truth.


The Lamb’s wife, the Lamb’s wife come see the life they share

No longer afraid, no longer a worry, not even a care

She is finally free to be all He created her to be

While In the earth basking in His love and grace

Gazing every second of the day into His glorious face.

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