TEACHING MOMENTS “The Humble I Teach My Ways” Part 2

TEACHING MOMENTS “The Humble I Teach My Ways” Part 2

Mary Humbling Herself at Jesus Feet, While Martha is Busy Listening at a Distance

Learning to humble myself and sit at the feet of my Lord Jesus daily hasn’t been easy. Within the heart of most believers, is the desire to serve Him, rather than love Him. If you look at Martha in the picture above, she is listening to Him at a distance rather than choosing to be close to Him face to face and at His feet like her sister, Mary. Serving Jesus with outward activities is one way to hide from Him and keep Him at a distance rather than being transparent and vulnerable, right? I know, I have been there. But ohhhh the glorious things I have learned from my Lord when I chose to humble myself and to hear His heart; I began to trust Him more and more. Today I want to share a few more things I have learned:


To be humble means, I am no longer afraid to be open and vulnerable with my Lord or let others see my weakness.


Jesus knows me inside and out, nothing is hidden from Him. He knows my thoughts even before I think them. He knows everything there is about me so I can be honest with Him and let Him know what I am thinking and feeling… what a relief, I don’t ever have to hide again. Also, I don’t have to pretend with others that I have life altogether because nobody does… Jesus holds everyone and everything together.


To be humble means, I can admit when I am afraid.

 In a world filled with darkness, uncertainties, and distress, my Lord lives within me, to guide me and protect me. For years, I tried desperately to protect  or defend myself from others of being hurt or abused. What a relief I don’t have to put up my dukes to protect myself…my Lord has me.


To be humble means, I can admit I don’t have the answer…my Jesus does.

None of us want to appear dumb, uninformed, or unintelligent, so we put on a façade like we know it all. The world always says “Knowledge is Power.” Those words keep us in bondage as we study to know about rather than become intimately acquainted with Jesus, Our Truth.


To be humble means, I can admit to others when I am wrong and they are right.

Pride never wants us to admit to others when we have been wrong and others are right. Pride is the sin our Jesus hates the most because it imprisons us and separates us from Him and others with its lies and walls.


To be humble means, I choose to forgive others when I have been wronged. I  can also say, “I am sorry” and ask others to forgive me when I have wronged them.

 Because I have been forgiven by my Lord Jesus of ALL my sins and trespasses toward others, I choose to forgive others no matter what they do or say. Jesus came and died for the sin of the whole world and He has forgiven every human being for their sin, so can I.


To be humble means, I am free to love and open to receive love and be the real me.

 I am loved by my Lord Jesus infinitely! His love for me has no beginning and never ends! Because those words are TRUE, His love I can share with others as I allowHis unconditional love to live through me.


Jesus Christ, as a God-man in the flesh, was a living example of humility lived out. Look how His humility was rewarded by our Father.


Philippians 2:9 (AMP) – For this reason, because He (Jesus Christ) obeyed and completely humbled Himself, God (Our Father) has highly exalted Him above every name and principality.


I Peter 5:6 (AMP) – Therefore, humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God (set aside fleshly pride) so that He may exalt you (to a place of honor above every foe or circumstance that may try to overcome you). paraphrase

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  1. As always, a beautiful post, Tresca! I’m so glad that Jesus the only truly Humble One lives within me to live His Humble Life through me IF and as I let Him!

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