HEAVEN SERENADES: Behold the Lamb’s Wife

HEAVEN SERENADES: Behold the Lamb’s Wife


Have you ever been serenaded? I have. It was my birthday and a friend of mine, Martha, and I went to Macaroni Grill in Austin for lunch. It was one of my favorite restaurants to eat at and hers too. During lunch, one of the waiters came to our table, looked at me, and began singing at the top of his lungs in Italian. It was the most beautiful song I had ever heard, even though I had no clue what he was singing; his song gave me chills. I had no idea Martha alerted the staff it was my birthday.  When he finished singing, they brought me a little cake with a candle and said, “Happy Birthday.” Wow, how awesome was that! Today, and for the next few weeks, I want to serenade you; how about that?



Fifteen years ago, I woke up one morning to words pouring from my spirit from my Lord, so I wrote them down. They were poems you could put to music and guess what? That’s exactly what a psalm is. It is lyrics or poems that are read or sung.  We are very familiar with 73 psalms written by our brother, King David. But did you know Asaph, King David’s worship leader, wrote 12? Another one of his worship leaders, named Korah, wrote 11, and 50 others were written by possible orphans in King David’s court. It was also noted that King Solomon wrote two, Moses, Ethan, and Heman wrote one. I love psalms because they are written from the heart, either during times of sadness, depression, joy, or celebration. They are written to encourage, bring hope and peace from one heart to another.



To date, the Lord and I have written over 100 psalms. Lately, I have been writing new ones and sharing them with others as our Lord leads. He loves serenading His Beloved. So, for the next few weeks, get a cup of tea or coffee, find a quiet place, and let our Lord Jesus serenade you!



Copyright © 2017 by Tresca S. Grannum



Who is this I see walking down the aisle?
Adorned in white with shimmering light so glowing.
Draped in pearls, diamonds, pure white so Holy.
A crown of gold on her head, her train is flowing.
Walking beside her a man, clothed in glory, with a breastplate on,
Saying, “The Word of God”
“Who is she?” I asked, a woman so worthy.
Then a voice whispered, she is the Lamb’s wife let me tell you her story.


Out of darkness and pain, covered in mire and sin
She was broken, used, rejected, and abused by men.
Her light was gone, she barely knew her name.
Her identity lost in earthly lust and sinful shame.
She knew not life, nor a savior, nor a city prepared for her to live.
She just embraced death and a morsel of love any human would give.
But one day she heard Jesus calling from heaven’s doorway,
He knew her name.
With two golden keys…faith and humility, she entered in; forever her life was changed.



Behold the Lamb’s wife, clothed in His righteousness.
Following her Beloved wherever He would go.
Nothing too important, there is nothing she won’t do,
To please the lover of her soul, for a love so kind and true.
Behold the Lamb’s wife broken, blameless, innocent, and pure
Living in His love, so gloriously adorned in His Truth.


Behold the Lamb’s wife come and see the life they share.
No longer afraid, no longer a worry, not even a care.
She is finally free to be all He created her to be.
While in the earth basking in His love and grace,
Gazing every second of the day upon His glorious face.

Behold the Lamb and His Glorious Wife!

Most Beautiful Bride of Christ, allow His love to embrace you as you look to Him today in all things; the Lord who lives within you. Allow Him to change you, rearrange you to be all He created you to be.

Enjoy Christ, Enjoy Life!

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    1. Thank you so much Jan! It is my story, I wrote this one for my book, “My Return Home to Innocence.” It ended the last chapter of the book. I thought it was a good introduction of the psalms to come. Thank

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