Have you ever been shocked by an electric fence? I have. I won a horse at a horse riding show when I was around 10 years old. We went to Gibson Discount Store where they had pony and horse rides for $1.00. My sister and I rode horses around the gated circle. At the end of the week, all were invited to win a horse. So, our babysitter filled out a raffle ticket with our names on it. Guess what? I won a horse! Can you imagine walking through the projects with a horse in tow? All the kids ran out to see what was going on. No one thought about the fact we weren’t allowed to have animals in our neighbor-hood, especially a ‘horse.’ But, it was so exciting! When our mother came home from work and discovered our horse eating grass in our back yard, she wasn’t excited. She was calling around to figure out what to do with the horse before the project authority found out. Well, by the weekend, we were taking our beautiful reddish-brown horse out to pasture. My mother found a farmer who was willing to take care of our horse. I was so sad that day. I watched as they moved the horse from the trailer and placed him in his new pasture. While my mom and the owner were talking, I just had to get closer to my horse one last time.



As I reached to rub his head one last time, “Oweeeeeeee!” I was shocked! I had never seen or experienced a shock wave like that before. For the first time in my life, I experienced an electric fence. Who would think of something like that? I later discovered why farmers use electric fences.

Mental Barrier

An electric fence is a mental barrier rather than a physical barrier. The goal is to deter animals from going near the fence. Once the animal touches it, they wouldn’t go near it again. Also, an electric fence is used to deter humans, like me, from trying to touch or disturb animals without permission. It works most of the time unless you have a sheep like this one. 



Some animals are deterred by the electric fence, while others, especially sheep are determined to have their way. That’s why our Father compares us with sheep. Like many of us, we find ways to get around our protective barrier, to wander and go astray after our own way. Our Father has left The Peace of God in charge of us for specific purposes. The Peace of God is none other than Jesus Christ. 

Philippians 4:7 (Amplified) – And May the Peace of God which is Ours: 
• That Peace which Reassures the heart
• That Peace which Transcends all understanding
• That Peace which Stands Guard over our hearts and our minds in Christ Jesus.


I love the last one, the ‘Peace which Stands Guard’ over our hearts and minds. Jesus is like the electric fence which alerts us when we are tempted or getting too close to something we shouldn’t be getting involved with. He nudges us gently if we continue to do or say something we shouldn’t. There have been many times I have ignored His nudging and did it anyway and boy did I suffer the consequences…with shocking and sometimes painful results!


We are garrisoned, guarded, and fenced in by the Grace and Peace of God. Our Father’s desire is to keep us safe and protected from the enemies of our souls to harm and entrap us. His fence is created in Love, however, we always have a choice to remain in His Peace or venture out beyond His desires for us into fear, frustration, worry, anxiety and so much more.  But even in our disobedience, we will never be alone; goodness and mercy will pursue us and draw us back to Peace when we turn to Him.


Colossians 3:15 ( Amplified) – Let the Peace of Christ: 
• Be the Controlling Factor in your heart
• Decide and Settle questions that arise.

Enjoy Life and Enjoy Him!

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