Our Bridegroom Who Calls Us His Treasure



My Precious Sister in Christ and friend Kim Francis just released an awesome devotional called “Fifty Days in His Pursuing Love.” If you haven’t purchased it already, you have to! It is an amazing love letter to us; those who have given our lives to Jesus Christ. Kim describes her book this way:


Experience the Depths of Christ’s Cherishing Love for You!


As a Christian, you are Christ’s Flawless Bride in whom He delights and celebrates continually. But if you don’t know this, you will miss experiencing wondrous delight in intimacy with Him.


In this fifty-day companion devotional to Kim’s “His Banner over Me Is Pursuing Love,” you will savor your Spiritual Bridegroom’s reminders of:


  • Your eternal spiritual union with Him
  • Your complete forgiveness of sins
  • Your pure, righteous, and holy identity in Him
  • Your eternal safety and security in Him
  • His indwelling life as your source for living
  • Your life under the New Covenant of Grace
  • The foreign source of the ungodly thoughts you experience


Fall in love for the first time or once again with the One who gave His life for you and to you, so that He would never have to live without you!


Kim and I both are ministers of our Father’s life and grace through Christ! We are also connected through sharing the gospel of grace through an international ministry called Network 220 located in Dallas, Texas  So, we have the same heartbeat and it’s Christ alone; the Bridegroom we love and adore but who adores us more! With this in mind, I would like to focus not on the book, that’s for you to enjoy but on the titles, our Lord calls us as He greets us in each chapter. May His simple words ring out in your soul each day as we just reflect on these titles.



For where your treasure is, there your heart [your wishes, your desires; that on which your life centers] will be also. Matthew 6:21 (Amplified)


Tell me something or someone you treasure. To treasure means to cherish, count as valuable, dearly loved, and prized. It is something or someone you spend the majority of your time focused on. It could be your family, work, movies, sports, reading, hobbies, and more.


It’s funny when I think of the things I treasure, I can’t think of one thing. But, when I think of people I treasure; my heart melts with gratefulness! I treasure people more than all the money in the world, things, or gifts money can buy. But greatest of all when I think of my Beloved Lord Jesus, My Papa, and the Holy Spirit, they are my Ultimate Treasures. But who else feels this way? You guessed it, Our Lord Jesus Christ! Just think of it:


  • Who left the grandeur and corridors of heaven to be with us?
  • Who gave up His glory and crown of heaven to come to live with us?
  • Who relinquished His rights over all the archangels and angels to suffer with us?
  • Who chose to strip off His Robe of Righteousness and Holiness to cover our nakedness?
  • Who was willing to lose ALL so that we may be found?
  • Who remains with us in even our sin, despair, failure, and brokenness?
  • Who came to live within our hearts forever?


Jesus did all of this and so much more to prove to us how much we are treasured. Do you believe Him? Oh beautiful Virgin and Bride of the Living Lord, YOU ARE CHERISHED BEYOND WORDS. By talking to, sharing your heart, and listening to the heart of Your Lord, will you truly believe the words I speak to you as true?


In Chapters 22, 32, and 43 of “Fifty Days in His Pursuing Love,” our Lord calls us His Treasure. Look at what He says to us. 


Chapter 22 – My Treasure, the snares of the flesh can trip you up as you walk through this world. These traps are cleverly devised by the enemy of your heart.


Chapter 32 – My Treasure, the instant you believed into Me, My divine power deposited everything you need for life and godliness into your new heart.


Chapter 43 – My Treasure, EVERYTHING I do and allow in your life finds its source in My sovereign love and care for you. I AM IN CONTROL!


 Not only are we the Treasure of our Lord Jesus Christ but each one of us has been given the Treasure of a Lifetime, Jesus Christ, The Lord, and Creator of the Universe, to share our hearts with and to hear His 24 hours a day!


What a wondrous Treasure He is to Explore and Enjoy!

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